Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus Review

More photographers than ever are making the leap to video and using their camera and smartphones to capture fun and creative footage. Of course, once the footage has been captured, it needs to be edited to fully fulfil the videographer’s vision, so what’s on offer when it comes to software?

Well, along with the industry standard programs like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, videographers also have an additional option – Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus. Available for Mac and PC computers, this is the enhanced version of the standard Video Editor software and includes additional features such as Keyframe animation for titles, stickers and callouts, the ability to overlay video clips and additional music clips to be used as soundtracks to your movies.


Tutorial slides help you become familiar with the interface and tools.

Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus costs US$59.95 for a personal use license although Movavi do offer licenses for business use and there’s also a bundle offer that pairs Video Editor Plus with a range of other Movavi software, such as the brand’s screen recorder program. You can download and try out the software on a trial, which will allow you to give the software a good going over before you buy it, plus there’s a number of ‘how to’ tutorial videos that are well worth watching over on the Movavi website.

So let’s start by talking about the Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus interface. Essentially, there is a timeline window, monitor window where you can see your footage and various toolbox and menu windows. When you first start up the program, a helpful tutorial points out all the relevant tools and helps familiarise uses with the interface.

Footage is easy to import via one-click and users can cut it to length and connect up different clips with a whole range of transition options. Some of these transitions are very classy, including the Crossfade option which gives a professional feel to footage. Other transitions are a little more gimmicky, but may suit a more fun and lighthearted style of video. What’s more, although there are plenty of base-level transitions to choose from, Movavi offer the option of purchasing additional packs from its website store.

While Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus can’t match the colour-grading advanced features of Adobe Premiere, it is possible to get creative with footage, adding colour filters to give footage more of an ‘Instagram filter’ feel and the software can go even further by adding more pro touches such as lens flare.


There are plenty of title options to give your movies a pro look.

If you have previously used video-editing software, it’s no exaggeration to say that you will be able to operate Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus in less than five minutes. Its interface is simple and easy to navigate around and there’s also the addition of stickers that can inject a little fun into the footage. Along with the stickers, Movavi also serve up plenty of sample video that you can use in your movies. At first glance, these video files may seem quite token, but to a Youtuber, having access to clips like countdowns, money/flames clips and even a newsroom set up with a chroma screen space to drop in footage will be most appreciated.


An example of the sample video provided by Movavi.

Despite the ease of use, plus the lighthearted accessories such as the stickers feature, videographers shouldn’t think Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus is a lightweight program. In fact, it offers some more advanced features you wouldn’t expect to find on a program with such as reasonable price-tag. For example, along with the Chroma Key feature, there’s also Stabilisation and Pan and Zoom options. What’s more, videographers can use the Highlight & Conceal option to focus in on an area of the frame or even pixelate out areas they don’t want the viewer to see – a competing logo, for example. What’s more, a Callouts option lets users drop arrows and other signage over clips without the need to create these in another program, such as Adobe Illustrator.


There’s plenty of transition options, though more can be purchased.

Because this program is fast and easy to use and because it comes with so many useful extras, it’s sure to appeal to content creators who wish to turn projects around and upload them to Youtube or other internet outlets quickly. Vloggers especially will see this as a genuine alternative to more intensive programs that demand a large amount of RAM to perform suitably and, in fact, Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus even has an automatic mode that will take your footage and photos can automatically edit and create a sequence for you. While this may not be the preference for those that like to retain more control over editing, it certainly speeds up the process and may be suitable for creating a montage sequence to place into a more structured video.


The montage wizard will use your clips and photos to create a sequence for you.

In summary, Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus punches well above its weight, is packed with useful features and includes plenty of extra footage, features, stickers and music to get videographers producing content as soon as the program is opened. Although it doesn’t complete with Final Cut Pro or Premiere for advanced features, it could well be the perfect solution for vloggers. So, to show just how easy to use this program is, here’s a video we created with some stock footage using Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus in under ten minutes…

A short movie we created using Movavi Video Editor 5 Plus in just a few minutes


Simple and easy to navigate interface

Strong level of bundled content

Decent price-tag

Easy to use

Some useful advanced features


Would like to have seen more control over colour grading