5 Best Mirrorless Cameras for Vlogging

The popularity of Vlogging shows no signs of fading away as it gives people the chance to be creative and share their stories with a huge audience – the internet! One of the biggest decisions in Vlogging though is which camera you will use to capture the action. Well, to help make your buying decision a little easier, we’ve put together a shortlist of great mirrorless cameras that could take your Vlogging to the next level….

Sony A6500:

Price$ 959.00
Sensor24-MP APS-C
Video4K @ 30FPS
LCD3-inch tilting, touch-sensitive
AudioExternal mic/headphone

The A6500 is the latest model in Sony’s small and lightweight series of A6XXX cameras and follows on from the successful A6300. The big difference between the two cameras is that the A6500 boasts a touch-sensitive screen, which will be highly appealing to Vloggers as you can quickly establish a focus point anywhere in the scene by just touching the screen. Also appealing is the built-in 5-axis image stabilization technology, which will help keep footage smooth, regardless of the lens you are using. Despite weighing just 453g, the A6500 can shoot 4K footage at 24, 25 and 30 frames per second with full pixel readout and no pixel binning and enhanced audio can be both captured and monitored thanks to the external ports.

One downside is that while the screen tilts, it doesn’t flip round, but the A6500 is a serious piece of gear that is suitable for professional Vlogging use. There’s plenty of E-mount lenses to choose from, but if you wanted more, adapters are available so Vloggers can use A-mount or even Canon EF lenses. The A6500 includes Sony’s S-Log profile and can also capture 5x slow motions or 60x quick motion to help you capture more creative sequences for your Vlogs.

The A6500 has many features for pro Vloggers.

Canon M50:

Price$ 509.00
Sensor24-MP APS-C
Video4K @ 25fps
LCD3-inch vari-angle, touch-sensitive
AudioExternal mic

Canon’s pocket rocket mirrorless is a great solution for Vloggers who do a lot of ‘selfie shooting’ as the M50 boasts a vari-angle screen that will enable you to handhold the camera, face the lens and see exactly what you are filming. What’s more, the 3-inch screen is touch sensitive to aid focus set-up. While the ultra high-quality 4K video mode is limited to 25 frames per second, you can shoot up to 60FPS in Full HD or create slow motion sequences by filming in 120FPS 720p. While there’s no headphone port, there is an external mic and Vloggers could work around this by monitoring straight from an external radio mic should they wish.

The M50 is seriously light at 387g (or 390g should you have the M50 in white), making it a suitable choice for Vloggers who wish to travel light and don’t have a lot of space in their kit bag. Compatible with Canon’s range of M-mount lenses, the M50 can also be used with EF lenses when paired with an adaptor. Canon states the battery is good for 85 minutes of movie recording per charge and footage is recorded to a single SD card. While the M50 isn’t as well specced as other cameras in this list, its small form factor may be enough to attract those Vloggers search for a tiny camera that can still shoot 4K video.

Buy an adaptor and the M50 can be used with EF lenses.

Fuji X-T100:

Sensor24-MP APS-C
Video4K @ 15fps
LCD3-inch tilting, touch-sensitive
AudioExternal mic

Despite only being just announced, Fuji’s new X-T100 should appeal to Vloggers looking for an affordable and lightweight camera to film with. With a max ISO ceiling of 51200, the X-T100 should be good to use in low light conditions and is capable of filming 4K footage at 15 frames per second for up to 30 minutes without interruption or Full HD at up to 60 frames per second. There’s a port for an external microphone and Fuji specs reveal the battery is good for up to 170 minutes of Full HD filming between charges.

Weighing just 448g, the X-T100 is suitable for carrying around all day or for Vloggers who are tight on space in their kit bags. Compatible with Fuji’s ever-expanding range of X-series lenses, the X-T100 also has a high-speed movie mode that can record continuously for around seven minutes to create some creative sequences. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the X-T100 records movies in .MOV file format and footage is recorded to a single SD card.

The X-T100 is small, lightweight and looks great.

Olympus O-MD E-M1 MkII:

Price$ 1,449.00
Sensor20-MP Micro Four-Thirds
Video4K @ 30fps
LCD3-inch vari-angle, touch-sensitive
AudioExternal mic/headphone

Olympus’ flagship camera is a beast, full of impressive specifications, many of which will appeal to professional Vloggers looking to make money from their videos. The camera is weather-sealed so users won’t need to worry about using the camera in harsh environments and is built around a 20-megapixel Micro Four-Thirds meaning, like the Panasonic G9, there’s plenty of affordable optics on offer. Capable of shooting Cinema 4K (C4K) at 24 frames per second, standard 4K up to 30 frames per second or Full HD at up to 60 frames per second.

Vloggers will appreciate the 3-inch touch-sensitive LCD, which is vari-angle and can be flipped round, as its brightness can also be adjusted through seven levels to help visibility under different lighting conditions. A 121-point AF system is backed up by the E-M1 MkII’s built-in 5-axis image stabilisation system and dedicated movie stabilisation mode. There are external ports for headphones and a mic and the E-M1 MkII can be used with Olympus’ LS-100 external audio recorder. Footage can be recorded to either of the dual SD cards to extend shooting time or recorded to both at the same time to create an instant backup.

Create instant backups thanks to the dual SD cards.

Panasonic G9:

Price$ 1,259.00
Sensor20-MP Micro Four-Thirds
Video4K @ 60fps
LCD3-inch vari-angle, touch-sensitive
AudioExternal mic/headphone

The Panasonic G9 was seen by many as a smaller version of the GH5 that leaned more towards stills, but the truth is that it has many of the excellent video features found on the more advanced GH5. Built around a 20-megapixel Micro Four-Thirds sensor, the MFT mount means there is a huge range of lenses available to Vloggers, both from Panasonic, but also from Olympus and other third-party manufacturers such as Sigma. The G9 can be charged by USB (useful for Vloggers on the move) and features robust build quality as it’s freeze, splash and dust-proof.

Ultra high-quality 4K video can be shot at up to 60 frames per second and the external mic and headphone ports will enable high quality audio to be captured and monitored. Because the G9 has built-in 5-axis image stabilisation, every lens you use will benefit from this stabilisation and when shooting in Full HD, the G9 can film for up to 29 minutes 59 seconds without interruption. The G9’s 3-inch LCD not only flips out to give Vloggers a selfie-style shooting experience, but it is also touch-sensitive, making it easier to establish a focus point. Even better for Vloggers, the G9 has dual SD card slots, meaning you can make and instant backup of your footage, just in case anything goes wrong with the first card.

The G9 is weather sealed so you can Vlog in the wild.