Meike Shines a Light with its MT24 Macro Flash Kit

Meike’s value-for-money kit helps banish shadows during close-up photography

If you’ve ever used a macro lens to get up close to a subject, you’ll be familiar with the lighting problems you can come across. The main issue is that, as you and the cameraget closer to the subject, you block natural light and cast an unsightly shadow over your subject.

However, there are products you can buy to overcome these lighting issues and one of them is Meike’s MT24 – a wireless flash kit that won’t break the bank. The all-in-one solution consists of a transceiver that triggers two wireless flash units that can be mounted on an adaptor that screws into the front thread of your lens. The kit includes adaptor threads in 52mm, 55mm, 62mm 67mm, 72mm and 77mm sizes, which should cover the majority of optics out there. Completing the kit is a number of useful accessories that include some colour gels, lamp holders, hot shoes and storage pouches.

The MT24 system comes with a raft of accessories.

Because the flash units are wireless, they make for a very versatile setup. Photographers can choose to shoot with both flashes on the front of the camera, or split the lighting and keep only one light on the lens while positioning the second off-camera.

Adaptor rings allow the system to be used with multiple lenses.

The transceiver supports additional flashes and these can be used in groups to easily control power output. In fact, the power output can be adjusted between seven levels (1/64 to 1/1) for more control over the exposure.

Diffusers help create a softer lighting effect – perfect for macro subjects.

The flash units serve up a Guide Number of 10 (ISO 100), but also offer a dual purpose as the units also include LED lights, making them useful for close up shots when filming video. The transceiver is powered by AA batteries, while the flash units take AAA batteries, meaning if you are on location and run out of power, you can simply race into a shop and pick up some more.

The flash units work wirelessly, so they can be used off-camera without the hassle of cables.

Other features of note include the system being compatible with High Speed Sync and Rear Curtain Sync so you can get creative with your lighting and the MT24 kit is available for CanonNikon and Sony cameras. Get this at Digitalrev store.