Official: Nikon’s Mirrorless is On Its Way!

Nikon confirm new mirrorless system to arrive by Spring 2019

The countdown has started; Nikon’s new mirrorless system will be here by Spring 2019. This news was confirmed by Kimito Uemura, Executive Officer at Nikon Imaging Japan, during an interview at the recent CP+ show in Japan.

Filmed during an interview for NHK, Uemura stated; “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring out a mirrorless model for this year’s event. But, development is underway and we expect to bring one to market by Spring next year.”

The confirmation means that photographers have less than a year to wait until Nikonlaunches its first mirrorless system since the Nikon1 series – a range of cameras that featured small sensors measuring 13.2 mm x 8.8 mm. That said, there were plenty of Nikon 1 lenses for photographers to choose from (12 in total).

The Nikon1 series produced a raft of lenses and even the AW1 – a waterproof and shock-resistant mirrorless camera.

Optics included a wide-angle 6.7-13mm zoom (18-35mm in 35mm equivalent), right up to a 70-300mm telezoom (189-810mm equivalent), so time will tell if Nikon decide to stick with that lens system or go for something different like combining an adaptor so regular F-mount lenses can be used.

Nikon faces a race against time to compete with Sony, who already has an established range of acclaimed mirrorless cameras, such as the A9A7RIII and the A7III, along with argubly the brand’s biggest rival, Canon, who are rumoured to be working on at least one full-frame, professional-spec mirrorless camera. What’s more, rumours suggest the Canon mirrorless is likely to be released first – potentially over this summer.

You can watch the interview with Mr Uemura by here. So tell us, what features and specifications would you like to see in the new Nikon mirrorless?

Fast forward to 18:30 to hear from Mr Uemura. Image by NHK.