Meet the World’s Fastest 75mm Lens

The Nocturnus 75, features a bokehlicious f/0.95 max aperture

There’s fast aperture lenses and then there’s really fast aperture lenses and the new Nocturnus 75, from German optic manufacturer Meyer-Optik Goerlitz, certainly falls into the second of those categories.

Quite simply, this lenses is the world’s fastest 75mm prime optic. The full-frame lens is available for Leica MSony E and Fuji X mounts. Weighing 750g, the lens is build around a 5 elements in 5 groups construction and a closest focusing distance of 90cm.

The Nocturnus is the world’s fastest 75mm lens.

The focal length is perfect for portraiture and the fast maximum aperture of f/0.95 will result in an incredibly shallow depth of field and impressive bokeh. The ultra large maximum aperture will also enable fast shutter speeds to be achieved, even in low light conditions, so portrait photographers should be able to capture sharp portraits, even when holding the camera by hand as darkness starts to fall.

The f/0.95 max aperture can create an insanely shallow depth of field.

Meyer-Optik Goerlitz, who have been making photography lenses since 1896, have good pedigree in producing these specialised optics – the brand also produce the 75’s stablemate, the Nocturnus 50, which also offers a maximum aperture of f/0.95.

The Nocturnus 75 will fit Leica M, Sony E and Fuji X mounts.

Of course, with such premium build quality and that record-breaking f/0.95 aperture, you’d expect an equally premium price-tag and the Nocturnus 75 will cost 3,999 Euros when it starts shipping in December.

If you’ve ever wonder what sort of portraits can be created with a f/0.95 aperture, check out the examples on the Meyer-Optik Goerlitz blog.