The Future Looks Bright for Flickr

Smug Mug buys Flickr, could the good old days be back for the original image-sharing website?

Way back in 2004, long before Instagram and 500px were around, an image-hosting site called Flickr was launched. Quite simply, it was THE place to share your photography and millions upon millions of people joined up, uploading millions more images in the process.

Clearly, the website has had a rollercoaster ride in the years since; although over 70 million photographers are members, it’s fair to suggest Flickr was late to the party when people started sharing images more from their smartphones than from a desktop.

Flickr had over 80 million members at one point and now Smug Mug could help revitilise the website.

However, fans of Flickr should be happy as it’s been announced that Smug Mug are buying the site from Yahoo as the company, recently bought by Verizon, restructures. Smug Mug, who offer storage and website portfolio platforms, put together a page of FAQ’s to update photographers about the new plans for Flickr and said they bought Flickr as ‘an opportunity to join together two communities and businesses that share the same values was one we couldn’t pass up.’

What’s more, Smug Mug explained that, for now, the two businesses will stay as separate entities. The statement on the FAQ page confirmed; “Flickr and SmugMug will continue to operate separately, just as both have been. Your SmugMug and Flickr accounts will remain separate and independent for the foreseeable future. Both Flickr and SmugMug users will continue to log in with their current credentials and you will have the same experience you are used to. If things do change in the future for Flickr, we’ll be as transparent as possible about the process and give you as much notice as we can about the issues that will matter to you.”

Smug Mug currently offer storage and website portfolio platforms.

Smug Mug were also keen to point out that no photos will be removed or deleted, quickly allaying any potential worries from Flickr users. Plans and prices will stay the same also. Although Smug Mug haven’t gone into detail about their plans, photographers who have long been fans of sharing their photography on Flickr should have plenty to be excited about.

Smug Mug has built a strong reputation in cultivating and supporting communities of photographers and in a promotional video (see below), the community approach was strongly present, along with scenes of photographers using cameras big and small, DSLRs and smartphones and a general message of unity.

Smug Mug announces Flickr buyout

This could well be the turning point for Flickr, and send the platform on its way back to being the internet’s number one home for photo sharing. What do you think about Smug Mug picking up Flickr?