Meike Announces Fast Aperture 85mm Lens

The portrait-friendly optic is the first autofocus lens from the value-for-money brand

Meike are better known for their range of affordable manual focus lensesflashgunsand battery grips, but now the brand has upped its game and pulled the covers off its first fully autofocus lens.

The 85mm focal length will be popular with portrait photographers.

The Meike 85mm f/1.8 is suitable for frame-frame cameras and, as the name suggest, boasts a fast maximum aperture of f/1.8. 85mm lenses are typically popular with portrait photographers as the focal length gives a flattering perspective for people pictures. Plus, at 85mm, it’s easier to get up close and capture frame-filling headshots, which will be good news for those shooting corporate portraits or even wedding imagery.

With a closest focusing distance of 85cm, photographers will be able to capture frame-filling headshots.

The presence of the fast f/1.8 maximum aperture not only enables photographers to create a very shallow depth of field to separate the subject from a background, keeping the subject sharp while casting the background into blurred bokeh, but will also allow photographers to capture sharp handheld images in low light without ramping up the ISO to ridiculously high levels.

The fast f/1.8 maximum aperture will enable photographers to create a shallwo depth of field in frames.

The Meike offers an AF/MF switch, so photographers can choose to change back to manual focus if they wish and there’s also a wide focus ring, which should allow for precise control over any focusing. What’s more, the lens also features a focus distance window too.

The Meike lens includes a AF/MF switch and a focus distance window.

The Meike 85mm lens features a 67mm filter thread and a closest focusing distance of 85cm. The lens will be available in fitments for CanonNikonSonyOlympusPanasonic and Fuji, but at present there is no information on the exact release date or price-tag.