Say Hello to the Memory Card of the Future

If you own a camera, the chances are you have a stash of CF or SD cards or maybe even both. Along with the more video-centric CFast format, SD and CF have pretty much been the industry standard…until now! This is because ProGrade Digital, the relatively newly-formed memory card brand has become the first company to introduce the world to CFexpress.

The new technology was unveiled at the NAB Show in Las Vegas by ProGrade Digital’s CEO, Wes Brewer, who explained the evolution; “The CFexpress standard has been evolving for several years within the CompactFlash Association as a successor to both CFast and XQD formats. We are pleased to be working within the CFA and aside device manufacturers to bring to market this next generation removable storage standard.”


The CFexpress card offers photographers amazingly fast read and write times.

Brewer also explained some of the amazing benefits the CFexpress format can bring to photographers and videographers. “Industry adoption of CFexpress will allow for much higher resolution and higher bit rate image capture than ever before in many still image and video capture devices. Faster offload speeds will also greatly benefit the post-capture workflow through the extremely high read speeds it provides.”

So just how quick is the CF express when compared to the other storage cards photographers are using? Well, as it turns out, pretty damn quick! ProGrade Digital demonstrations with the CFexpress recorded read speeds exceeding 1,400MB/second and burst write speeds of greater than 1,000MB/second. Just to add some perspective, that’s almost three times faster than CFast memory cards and more than four times those for high performance SDXC UHS-II. In fact, for average performing SD cards with a write speed of 95MB/sec, that could be up to ten times faster!


A 1TB can hold over 100,000 JPEGs!

This sort of performance power would be highly appealing to both action and wildlife photographers who need to capture burst sequences of images or to videographers looking for a card that will hold hours of footage. So many images would a 1TB card hold? For a typical 24-megapixel DSLR, the new CF express card would hold over 100,000 JPEGs or 10,000 uncompressed RAW files. This means you can wave goodbye to changing cards mid-photoshoot

No information on potential pricing was released, so we’ll have to wait and see how this technology progresses. What do you think about this new age memory card?