This Epic Filter Kit is Designed Especially for your Smartphone

NiSi are well known for producing filters for DSLR and mirrorless camera systems, but now the brand has released a product that will help you balance exposures and improve image quality when using your smartphone, too.


The P1 system fits virtually all smartphones, including Apple and Samsung devices.

The P1 Prosories kit comprises of a neat holder and clip that attaches over your smartphone camera, and two filters (a linear polariser and a medium graduated ND filter), along with a soft pouch to store the kit in.


The holder can be rotated to cover the right area of the frame that needs to be balanced.

The polariser can help reduce reflection and glare – useful when shooting scenes that include glass or water – and the medium graduated ND filter can help balance high-contrast lighting scenes like landscapes at sunset.


The polariser filter helps reduce glare in images.

Small and portable, the P1 system is likely to appeal to bloggers and social media content creators looking to improve the quality of their images, or those photographers who are travelling and don’t have the space to pack a larger DSLR-style camera and its accessories. The P1 system can hold two filters at once, extending the creative options for photographers.


Smartphones have limited dynamic range, so the medium graduated ND filter can help balance the exposure.

The small filters that slide into the holder are made from the same optical glass as NiSi’s larger filters and benefit from nano coating to reduce ghosting and flare. Once in place, the filter holder can be rotated to give the photographer more control to cover the right area of the frame they wish to balance with the filter.


The filters are made from the same optical glass as NiSi’s larger filters and feature nano coating.

NiSi say the P1 filter system is compatible with virtually all smartphones, including Apple and Samsung devices and, along with benefiting photos captured on phones, the filters also help improve the quality and exposure balance of video footage capture on your smartphone, too.

The NiSi P1 systems carries a price-tag of $39.99 and is available to pre-order now. You can watch a video about the filter kit below: