Check Out The Most Epic Drone Photos On The Planet

The winners of the DJI SkyPixel Photo Contest for 2017 have just been announced and if you ever needed inspiration to buy yourself a drone, these amazing images will surely help you on your way.

Prices with a total value of $90,000 were on offer, but the contest also carries a large slice of prestige. This year, the Grand Prize went to French photographer Florian Ledoux. The visual creative made use of his Phantom 4 Pro and some amazing timing to capture the moment a polar bear jumped from one ice flow to another. Titled “Above The Polar Bear”, the image was shot near Nunavut, Canada and along with the prestige of the title, Florian takes home the Grand Prize reward worth $15,095, which includes a DJI Inspire 2 among other goodies.


Image by Florian Ledoux

The SkyPixel contest is now the biggest aerial photography awards and this year was judged by a panel made up of a host of professional filmmakers, photographers and creative directors, including Josh Raab, Multimedia Editor at TIME, award-winning photographer Pat Kay and landscape and wildlife photographer, Chris McLennan.

So, time to indulge in some more epic aerial imagery as we check out more of 2017’s winners…

Sun’s Up, Nets Out – Zay Yar Lyn, a photographer based in Maymar, took first prize in the Landscape (Pro Group) category for his shot of an Intha fisherman setting up his net to fish.


Image by Zay Yar Lyn.

Comet Into Darkness – Second Place in the Landscape (Pro Group) went to a photographer identified as Drone Hikers, who captured the frame with a Phantom 4 Pro and commented that the image of the small cod fishing boat heading into harbour was taken during a hike in Newfoundland.


Image by Drone Hikers.

Lobster Farm – Taking first place in the Landscapes (Enthusiasts group) was Trung Pham, who used a Phantom 4 Pro to capture the epic aerial pattern of this lobster farm near Phu Yen province, Vietnam.


Image by Trung Pham.

Geometry Of Liquid – Second Place in the Landscape (Enthusiast Group) was claimed by Javier del Cerro, who captured this mesmeric frame of the olive fields near Castilla La Mancha, Spain with his Mavic Pro.


Javier del Cerro

Balmoral Ball – This fascinating sports capture netted Petra Leary First Place in the Portrait (Pro group) category. Petra used a Mavic Pro to make the most of Auckland’s colourful basketball courts.


Image by Petra Leary.

Waterfalls Hero – This stunning, ‘heart in your mouth’ frame was taken by Chén Mín on the Yellow River in China and has quite the backstory. The fearless diver is over sixty and holds a Guinness World Record for waterfall diving. The image took second place in the Portrait (Pro group) category.


Image by Chén Mín/沈旻

Free Wheeling – This mind-bending abstract image by Nigel Kwan, was captured on a Mavic Pro and netted him Second place in the Portrait (Enthusiast group) category.


Image by Nigel Kwan.

The Land Of The Earth – This dramatic capture by a Chinese photographer identified as ‘In A Higher Sky’ shows the clashes between two environments and was taken using a Phantom 4 Pro.


Image by In A Higher Sky/ 在那片更高的天空

Elements – A SkyPixel user identified as Oliver used the pano feature on his Mavic Pro to stitch 12 image and caoture the true majesty of this Icelandic landscape scene. The image was one of the nine nominated Landscape entries.


Image by Oliver.