9 Things to Know About Fuji’s New X-A5

Say hello to the X-A5Fuji’s latest mirrorless camera to join the popular X-series range. The compact camera is packed with new features and technology, so let’s take a look at the most important headlines behind this new launch….

1 – It’s got a brand new sensor – Yes, although it’s part of the X-series line-up, the X-A5 features a newly-developed 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor. Fuji say colour reproduction has also been improved; “The camera outperforms previous models in its scene recognition accuracy in SR+ AUTO mode, color reproduction performance and “skin tone reproduction” capability’. What’s more, the image processing engine is new too and operates 1.5x times faster than previous models.


Like other X-series cameras, the X-A5 sports a retro design.

2 – Light enough for your travels – As you’d expect from a Fuji mirrorless camera, the X-A5 is lightweight, tipping the scales at just 496g. Despite the compact dimensions – it’s Fuji’s lightest and smallest ever X-series camera, the battery life been beefed up and the X-A5 can capture up to 450 frames between charges.


Despite its small size, the X-A5 packs quite a punch.

3 – It’s selfie-friendly – The X-A5 sports a interesting LCD design. The 3-inch, TFT 1040k-dot resolution monitor flips up 180-degrees and in this position the Rear Command Dial automatically switches to the Zoom and Shutter Release function to help with selfie compositions. What’s more, the 180-degree rotation of the rear LCD monitor also activates the X-A5’s Eye AF feature to keep your self-portraits in focus.

4 – You can shoot 4K – Yes, this tiny camera shoots 4K (3840×2160) footage, along with the ability to record Full HD at 60p up to 14 minutes in length or 1280p clips up to 27 minutes in length. Creative videographers will pleased to hear the X-A5 can shoot high frame rates to create slow motion sequences. There’s also a 2.5mm jack for an external microphone so you can capture enhanced audio.


The X-A5’s flip-screen will help with self-portraits

5 – Focus and ISO have been improved – Fuji says the AF system has been overhauled; ‘The X-A5 is the first X-A Series model to feature phase detection pixels, originally developed for the X series’ high end models.’ In practice this means the Intelligent Hybrid AF system focuses twice as fast as previous models. In addition to the AF, the ISO sees a higher ceiling than previous models, topping out at ISO 12800 and the exposure compensation expands from ±3EV to ±5EV.

6 – You can get arty without the need of Photoshop – Like previous Fuji cameras, the X-A5 is stuffed full of Fujifilm Film Simulation Modes and this camera now offers 11 of them, along with 17 variations of the advanced creative filters, meaning you can create arty images without the need of Photoshop. In fact, the X-A5 is the first Fuji camera to include two new modes – ‘Fog Remove’ and ‘HDR Art’.


The X-A5 is available with Fuji’s new 15-45mm lens

7 – It’s easy to print from – Featuring a low-energy Bluetooth mode, the X-A5 makes it easy to connect to a smartphone or tablet using the brand’s free Fujifilm Camera Remote app. The camera is also compatible with Fuji’s Instax SP-3 printer so you can print off your selfies in record time.

8 – There’s a brand new kit lens – Also new is a fresh kit lens. The FUJINON XC15-45mm F/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ is the first electric-powered zoom lens for the X Mount and has a closest focusing distance of just 5cm, so you can capture frame-filling close up photos. Thanks to the 1.5x crop from the APS-C sensor, the lens has an effective focal length of around 23mm-68mm.

9 – You don’t have to wait long to buy it – The Fuji X-A5 is available in three colour schemes (brown, pink and black)/ It will start shipping from February, so you don’t have long to wait and, paired with the 15-45mm kit lens, will cost £549.


The X-A5 is available in brown, pink or black colour designs.