Feiyu Tech’s Vimble 2 Combines a Gimbal with a Selfie-Stick

There’s no doubt that, whether we like it or not, smartphone photography is booming. Travellers looking for lightweight alternatives to DSLRs are capturing impressive results, thanks in large part to smartphone manufactures who are constantly improving cameras, sensors and features.

Well, now smartphone users, especially those who love to take selfies, have an innovative new product to pack for their travels as Feiyu Tech has released the Vimble 2, which puts a new twist on the smartphone gimbal. Instead of being limited to close up photo and video views, the Vimble 2 has a built-in extending pole feature, enabling users to slide out the gimbal and capture wider angles.


The extending pole feature enables users to capture wider views.

On the handle of the gimbal, you’ll find a number of controls, which can be used to not only rotate the phone around for the best composition, but to also trigger the shutter and capture the image. The gimbal uses brushless motors and can perform pre-programed motion moves, allowing you to create interesting timelapse movies.


The gimbal head rotates 320-degrees and is controlled via the handle.

Photographers can use the Vimble 2 in portrait or landscape format and the gimbal can rotate 320-degrees to provide the best view. What’s more, the design is also supported by an app to add further functionality to the gimbal, such as object and face-tracking technology. Available in a choice of colour designs (white, black or pink), the Vimble 2 is likely to be of interest to Vloggers, who want to capture smooth, stabilised footage while on the move.


The Vimble 2 can give Vloggers stabilsed footage from their smartphones.

The Vimble 2, which will come with a price-tag of around $140, is expected to start shipping in February, with pre-orders being taken now. You can watch a video that showcases even more of the Vimble 2’s features here.