OK, Who Wants to Shoot 400-Megapixel Photos?

The megapixel wars have seen a resurgence in recent years, with Sony offering the 42-megapixel a7RIIINikon including a 45.7-megapixel sensor in its D850 and Canon boasting the 50-megapixel 5DS/5DSR cameras. But Hasseldblad has just released a new medium format camera that takes resolution to a whole new level.


The H6D-400C MS shoots images up to an incredible 400-megapixels!

The H6D-400C MS can capture 100-megapixel exposures in a single shot, or it can use ‘Multi-Shot’ technology to compress six exposures into a single, mind-blowing 400-megapixel file. So, how exactly does this technology work? Well Hasselblad explain that; ‘the Multi-Shot capture requires the sensor and its mount to be moved at a high-precision of 1 or ½ a pixel at a time via a piezo unit. To capture Multi-Shot images the camera must be tethered to a PC or MAC.’

What’s more, in the full-strength 400MP Multi-Shot mode, six images are captured, with the first four captured by moving the sensor one pixel at a time to achieve real colour data. Two further exposures are then created by moving the sensor ½ a pixel horizontally and then ½ a pixel vertically. Once the six images have been taken, they are merged to create the equivalent of a single 400MP image, delivered as a 2.4GB 16-bit TIFF measuring 23200 x 17400 pixels.


Just look at the detail on this test image from Hasselblad.

Along with the insane resolution, the H6D-400C MS also offers a USB 3.0 type c connection for tethered shooting, high speed data transfers plus dual media card slots (CFast 2.0 & SD), along with a 3-inch touch-sensitive rear LCD, Wi-Fi and HD/UHD video. The camera also features a high flash-sync speed of up to 1/2000sec and 15-stops of dynamic range. If you are wondering what these files sizes will mean to your workflow, Hasselblad say a 32GB card holds around 144 single-shot images.


Look at these close ups showing the difference between the single and multi shot modes.

So, what’s the price tag for all this resolution? Well the H6D-400C MS will cost € 39,999 / $ 47,995 / £ 36,250 and, although pre-orders are now being taken, the camera is expected to start shipping from March 2018. If you’ve looked at the price-tag and let out a big sigh, there’s some more good news as in some territories, Hasselblad will make the H6D-400C MS available to rent for around $399 per day, with more details available on Hasselblad’s website. You can also watch a video of the H6D-400C MS’s extra specifications here.