Are Panasonic about to Launch the GH5s?

The photo industry usually goes a little quiet over the festive period as everybody swaps technical talk for turkey, but there seems to be a little buzz left in the rumour mill as the internet lit up after information leaked about a potential new camera from Panasonic.


The rumored GH5s could be an essential tool for videographers.

Photo Rumours reported that Panasonic could be about to launch a specialised version of its flagship Micro Four-Thirds camera, the GH5. Thought to be called the GH5s, the camera would supposedly feature an ultra-sensitive sensor, capable of operating in very low light conditions, much like the A7SII for Sony shooters.

As always, information isn’t 100% clear, but rumours suggest that the camera is likely to have fewer megapixels (but bigger pixels) than the 20.3MP found on the regular GH5, with a figure of between 12 and 16MP floated. This arrangement would help the camera shoot in low light, with fewer issues surrounding noise and image quality.


Rumours suggest the super sensitive camera could have a megapixel count of 16MP.

What’s more, the information on Photo Rumours suggest the GH5s (or whatever the camera comes to be known as) will have professional-level video specifications, which suggest it will enable photographers to capture 4K at the very least, but more likely 8K footage. This will be very welcome news for videographers who like to shoot in low light conditions; particularly when capturing astrophotography sequences or auroras.

The expected price-tag that has been floated is around $2500 and an expected shipping date of February 2018 has been mentioned too. If this date is correct, it’s likely Panasonic will pull the covers off its new camera at the annual CES tech show, which is held in Las Vegas every January.

So, are you excited by the thought of a super sensitive GH5 that could take your video game to the next level?