7 Things You Need to Know About Nikon’s SnapBridge Update

SnapBridge is the free Bluetooth app that Nikon uses in its cameras to enable photographers to connect to smart devices, such as phones and tablets, and transfer their images so they can be uploaded to the internet on the move.

Well, Nikon has released SnapBridge version 2.0, which sees a number of improvements to generally make life easy for photographers. The updated app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, but here’s what you need to know…

1 – Feedback from photographers

Nikon say that the improvements to the app are, in part, the result of feedback from photographers who used the first version of SnapBridge. The app runs on both smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android platforms.

SnapBridge v2.0 makes it easier for photographers to use Bluetooth with their Nikon camera.

2 – New screen and Menu structure

Nikon say the screen design and menu structure have been; ‘significantly overhauled in a number of ways’ including new progress displays to provide visual confirmation of the status of an operation. These include when a smart device is paired with a camera or connection is changed to a Wi-Fi connection.

3 – Pair faster

If you’ve ever tried to pair a camera and smartphone, you’ll know it’s not alway an easy experience. Luckily, the SnapBridge v2.0 app explains the steps needed with text and images. What’s more, up to five cameras can be registered which makes switching between cameras for those photographers who own multiple bodies.

Settings like exposure compensation can be adjusted remotely.

4 – More speed

There’s nothing worse than Bluetooth connections dropping out so Nikon say that in SnapBridge v2.0, ‘the stability of smart device connections to cameras has been increased for all operations, including the automatic downloading of photos.’ What’s more, the speed that images can be displayed has been improved, too.

5 – Increased efficiency

Another turn-off to Bluetooth is that it can drain batteries faster, but the SnapBridge v2.0 app comes with a new power-saving mode that controls the amount of smart device power consumed by the app when it is not connected to a camera for an extended period of time.

To increase efficiency further, Nikon also say the app also features a ‘Location data accuracy setting that allows users to choose between lower power consumption and greater location data accuracy by selecting how often the smart device updates location data.’ There’s three options to choose from; High (high accuracy), Medium and Low.

Upload your images to Nikon Image Space to share them from a smart device.

6 – More options for remote photography

One excellent use of Bluetooth is when a camera is set up and controlled remotely. This can help photographers capture imagery in genres where the shooter being present would be a problem. The best example of this is wildlife photography; standing next to a camera would scare off subjects, but controlling it remotely via Bluetooth can produce stunning results.

With SnapBridge v2.0 more setting can be controlled remotely, including the Exposure mode (choose from Program, Shutter priority, Aperture priority and Manual mode) and when in manual mode, the shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted, too. What’s more, even the exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity, white balance can be adjusted using SnapBridge v2.0

7 – Save and share

With the new version of SnapBridge, it’s now easier to upload your images to Nikon Image Space, which is the brand’s photo sharing service. The service is also another solution to back-up and store images and, as you can access them on your smart device from anywhere, it’s also good for presenting to photo clients, too.