7 Things To Know About GoPro’s Fusion 360 camera

The Fusion, GoPro’s first 360 camera, has started shipping to US and European customers. This is a huge deal for GoPro, so we dug deep into the specifications sheet to find out exactly what this camera can do and what it can offer you…

One – Bring on the price tag

First up, how much is the GoPro Fusion going to cost you? Well, US photographers will pay $699, customers in Europe will have to find 749 Euros and the price-tag in the UK will be £699. The silver lining for that price-tag is that, as we’ve mentioned, there’s no waiting around as the camera is now shipping.


The GoPro Fusion, the brand’s first 360 camera, is shipping now.

Two – New features to come

While the Fusion is shipping now, photographers and videographers will have to wait a little longer to get the most from this 360 camera. Mobile OverCapture features, including a Tiny Planet and PanoFlow modes will arrive, according to GoPro, in early 2018 via a software update. The OverCapture features are really what makes the Fusion different as they allow ‘flat 1080p’ videos to be created from the 360 footage.


Firmware updates are planned for the Fusion in early 2018.

Three – Big resolution

It’s no surprise GoPro have pulled off some big numbers for their first attempt at spherical photography and the Fusion doesn’t disappoint, capturing 5.2K video at 30p, 3K at 60p and spherical stills at 18-megapixels. The Fusion also features advanced stabilisation to keep footage steady and shots sharp.

Four – Ready to make a splash

What’s the point of owning an action camera if you can’t take it underwater right? The Fusion can’t match the same depths as other GoPro models, but is waterproof down to 16ft (5 metres, which should be enough to capture any swimming pool, cliff diving or snorkelling adventures in 360-degree glory.


The Fusion can capture 360 footage at 5.2K and 18-megapixel stills – plus it’s waterproof!

Five – Make your voice heard

The Fusion features Voice Control in 10 different languages and can also be controlled via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth using a smart device like your phone or tablet. This is useful if you want to place the camera somewhere dangerous and operate it remotely. The Fusion also features GPS, along with an Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass.

Six – Compact design

For all its technology and resolution, the design of the Fusion is compact and lightweight, tipping the scales at just 121g. Despite that small size, the Fusion packs dual wide-angle lens that cover 170-degrees and ‘fuse’ content together to make the 360 stills and video. What’s more, even though it’s small, the Fusion has the biggest battery capacity of any GoPro model (2620mAh).


With four mics and dual Micro SD slots, the Fusion packs impressive specifications.

Seven – Enhanced audio

It makes sense that if you are going to capture stills or video in 360-degrees, you’ll want audio to match. The Fusion captures full circle audio thanks to four built-in microphones – that’s more than any other camera in the current GoPro line-up. The footage is recorded to one (or both) of the dual Micro SD card slots.

Bonus – Watch Fusion 360 footage

Now that you’ve read what this camera can do and how much it will cost you, it’s time to watch some amazing footage captured with the GoPro Fusion…just click here!


Watch the video to see how the Fusion can create VR content.