Watch How Adobe’s SceneStitch Fixes Your Pics Using Stock Shots

Adobe and Photoshop have always been the place to turn to when you need to fix an area of your image. First this was done with the help of that old reliable friend known as the Clone Tool and then came Content Aware Fill options available in today’s version of Photoshop. However, it looks like the technology has moved on even further with the development of SceneStitch.


The technology was announced at Adobe’s MAX conference.

Powered by Adobe Sensei, which is the brand’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, the technology works by the user flagging up an area of the scene they’d like to transform. The SceneStitch technology then searches and suggests a number of picture elements, sourced from stock imagery, that could be dropped into place to best suit the scene.


The SceneStitch technology offers a number of options to fill the flagged area with suitable content from a stock image.

It sounds like some sort of magic, but that’s what we all said when Content Aware Fill came along too. The technology was unveiled on stage at Adobe’s MAX conference by Adobe’s Brian Price during a demo that you can watch by clicking here.

The demonstration gave a genuine walkthrough of the technology and showed that, while some picture elements stitched into place work really well (so well you would never know they’ve been Photoshopped in fact), other options the technology generated just didn’t work at all. This suggests there is still some work to do for the Adobe engineers and, as such, no release date has been attached to when the SceneStitch technology could go live.


This slide from the demo showed the technology doesn’t always get it right.

What do you think about Adobe’s latest technology? Is SceneStitch a great feature for photographers editing in a hurry or is it taking image-manipulation one step too far?