From Smartphone to Print with Printoss

Polaroid-style prints have been making a significant come-back in the past couple of years, and are currently an essential addition to any millennial’s life. The latest release is from Japanese giant Takara Tomy with a printer that will allow you to print colour images straight from your smartphone without any need for apps, connection or batteries.


Simply take an image on your phone, edit it to how you’d like, then place it on the top of the printer and hit the ‘shutter’ switch. You then get your print by turning the handle – and voila! You have a Polariod-style physical copy of your best smartphone image.

As the printer works manually, it means that the printer doesn’t need a battery to function either so the amount of film you have is the only restriction on how many images you can print.


This printer is quick and easy, as it doesn’t rely on downloading or connecting to an app or internet connection, but it can still provide you with high-quality prints of your favourite smartphone images.

It’s compact and light – weighing only 350g – making it easy to pop in your bag and have with you at all times. It’s also available in three different colours – blue, black and pink – so you can find one that exactly suits your style.

The Printoss hasn’t quite hit our shelves yet, with stock expected in late October, although you can pre-order on the Takara Tomy website. The expected retail price is 3,700 Yen (excluding tax).