Photographer, Editor and Hairdresser Combine Fashion and Fantasy

Inspired by intricate Renaissance hairdos, Canadian photographer Anaïs Faubert and photo editor Geneviève Bellehumeur have created a series of portraits that combine style with the surreal.

The duo aimed to combine their strengths in photography and photo editing to create portraits that give a glimpse of the rich inner selves of their subjects. They came up with the concepts for the nine images in the series, but were very much dependent upon the abilities of the hairdresser that they worked with. “We had to keep in mind that the hairdos had to support the elements of the photomontage. For example, the castle had to be inserted in the folds of the updo.


“Coarse models were produced to show the concept to the hairdresser,” Faubert explained. Working together from this early stage made the final editing easier as minimal modification was required to have the photomontage elements fit into place.

The next step was to put the models through hair and makeup and capture the initial portrait shots. Faubert used a Nikon D750 with a 50mm lens. The coloured lighting, as seen in the volcano and fairground images, was created using gels.

When it came to editing, Bellehumeur explained that they used an image bank to select all of the elements. “The most important factor is to maintain proper lighting, dimensions and image sharpness,” she said. Once everything was compiled, the editing itself wasn’t a quick process.

General cosmetic editing took two hours per image, and the photomontage took anywhere between four and 15 hours depending on how many elements were involved.


The team worked on the images as a personal project to show what they felt and saw in other people. They’re hoping to exhibit the images to inspire more people to follow their dreams.

To see more photography by Anaïs Faubert’s work you can visit her website and to see more photo editing by Geneviève Bellehumeur click here.