What iOS 11 Means for Photographers

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) has been hogging the technology headlines this week with talk of all an new iMac computer, enhanced audio products and, wait for it, a $29 case for the Apple Pencil! But there was also plenty of pointers to interest photographers ahead of the iOS 11 operating system being launched in Autumn.


Apple’s WWDC conference announced features of interest to photographers

The majority of the announcements concern photographers who use their iPhones to capture imagery. Perhaps the biggest news was that in iOS 11, photographers will be able to use their phones to capture long exposures. That’s right, you’ll be able to turn crashing waves into milky blurs and twinkling stars in the night skies into streaked trails using nothing more than your iPhone! This will open up new creative opportunities to capture long exposure imagery with iPhones when using a DSLR isn’t a suitable option.

Also coming in Autumn are what Apple are calling ‘professional-quality filters’ which will make portraits taken on your iPhone ‘more expressive’ with more natural skin tones. Additional filters will ‘apply classic looks to your portraiture photography’. From a more technical side, Apple say next-generation technology will allow photographers to take photos with the same quality as before, but at half the file size.


With iOS 11, you’ll be able to capture long exposure images

Additional photography features geared more towards entertainment include a new Loops mode, which gives a similar result to Instagram’s Boomerang feature but for Apple Live Photos. However, there are additional iOS 11 features that could help photographers who carry iPhones. For example, an upgrade to Google Maps will now show more information for building interiors, which could help photographers plan photoshoots ahead of time.

Apple’s iOS 11 upgrade is due for release in Autumn 2017 and you can find out more information here. So, what other photography-related features would you like to see in iOS 11?