Canon Full-frame Mirrorless Rumours Send Internet into Meltdown


Several photo rumour sites have stepped their coverage of articles about what could be Canon’s first-ever full-frame mirrorless camera, prompting speculation that photography’s biggest camera manufacturer could be about to announce something huge (or small in this case).

Although Canon already has a range of mirrorless cameras, including the M3, the smaller M10 and of course, Canon’s flagship mirrorless offering, the 24.2-megapixel M5, all of these cameras are built around an APS-C size sensor. This means there’s clearly a gap for a full-frame mirrorless camera to complete with the likes of Sony’s a7 and a9 models.

The M5 is Canon’s current flagship mirrorless camera and has a 24.2MP APS-C sensor

So what are these various reports saying? Well, although there’s some contradiction, many report that Canon could launch the camera with an EF mount, found on the brand’s range of DSLR cameras. Previous Canon mirrorless models have all used the M mount, which enabled Canon to produce a range of lightweight and compact optics to tie in with the ‘small and portable’ direction of the mirrorless proposition. Of course, Canon also made available an EF adaptor that was often included with M cameras as a kit bundle or could be bought separately. This gave photographers the ability to still use their EF lenses with the mirrorless M cameras, although it did incresae the size of the camera/lenses footprint.

Additionally, multiple sites report any full-frame mirrorless will require a brand new sensor design to enable compatibility between the small dimension body, large sensor and, as mentioned, those EF lenses. The rumour sites also agree that it’s likely any mirrorless camera will boasts 4k quality video recording features.

The 18-megapixel M10 is the smallest camera in Canon’s current mirrorless range

Where the reports do differ is the potential release date. Some sites are reporting Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless could land later this year, while other suggest it could be debuted in time for the 2018 Photokina Show, which is held every two years in Cologne, Germany. Canon has previously announced new cameras at this photo show, such as the 7D Mk2 in 2014 and the 6D in 2012.

While internet rumours always have to be taken with a grain of salt, photographers can’t help but get excited about a potentially huge camera for Canon shooters. So, what features do you think a Canon full-frame mirrorless could and should offer and would you consider swapping your DSLR if and when such a camera hits the market?