Broncolor’s Lighting Tutorial Treasure Trove Is Available For Free

Sometimes you see a gorgeous photo and wonder to yourself, how did they get that look? If that situation sounds familiar, you’ll definitely be interested in the wealth of tutorials that the studio lighting gurus over at Broncolor are offering completely free.

On the Broncolor site’s Shoot This Photo page, there is a large and varied sample gallery of images taken in a diverse range of studio lighting setups and photography genres. Clicking on any one of these images will not only take you to a full listing of all the equipment required to recreate the aesthetic of the photo, but a breakdown of the exact settings to get it just right. This comes with a diagram of the actual positioning of the lamps, subject and other elements of the shoot. All this information being provided by the professional photographer who took the picture in the first place.



Though of course it should be the goal of a photog to create their own methodology in getting the desired lighting effect for their photographs, guides like these are a marvelous jumping off point. Like a cook starting with a basic dish before turning it into a meal of their own design, these recipes are a brilliant resource for any photog still learning their way round lighting. We have to give a big shoutout to FStoppers for finding this.

You can find the Broncolor tutorial gallery here.