Oh Boy…Is This the New Fujifilm X100F?

For many photographers, Fujifilm’s X100-series hits that perfect sweet spot between affordability, compactability, ergonomics, aesthetics, and capability.

The last one, the X1ooT, was one of the best compact digital cameras ever made for still photographers, due to its dedicated nature. There’s no way it offered as many video features as the RX100-series by Sony, but it was near perfect for providing excellent quality images in a package designed for photographers.

It reminded me of classic film compacts like the Contax T2Hexar AF, and Nikon35Ti β€“ which all featured 35mm fixed f/2.8 lenses. Many street photographers prefer 35mm as their main prime, since it lies right in between wide-angle (28mm) and standard (50mm). The X100-series has always been equipped with a 35mm-equivalent lens, with a fast f/2.0 aperture.

In a way, the most direct comparison is to Ricoh’s 16MP GR II, since both try to strip digital photography down to its basics. However, since the X100X100S, and X100T were all using Fujifilm’s first generation 16MP sensors and processors, the speed and resolution wasn’t quite perfect.

Ricoh should hopefully be updating their digital compact series, but Fujifilm is one step ahead with their X100F, which is rumoured to come out in February 2017 at CP+.

This year everyone knows that Fujifilm unveiled their second generation sensors and processors, which can be found in the X-Pro 2 and X-T2. It was only going to be a matter of time until the technology got rolled down into the X100T successor, and X-T10 successor.

Fuji Rumors are reporting that they have leaked confirmation on details about the X100F, and to be honest it’s nothing surprising. Everything is exactly the same, and the only upgrades should be in the processor and sensor department. Ergonomically there might be a joystick as found on the X-Pro 2, which would greatly improve the ease-of-use. The hybrid viewfinder should also be upgraded to a similar (or the same) one found on the X-Pro 2, and it will also see the same combination ISO/shutter speed dial.

Arguably these upgrades should make the X100F the ultimate compact for street photographers, although it depends on whether or not the autofocus is as quick as the one found on the X-T2 or X-Pro 2.

That’s not to say that the X100F is flawless. The leak says that the camera won’t have a tilting LCD monitor, which in my opinion is a bigger disappointment than the supposed lack of 4K video.

People who will buy the X100F won’t necessarily need such sharp video, but while aesthetically a tilting LCD might not be pretty – it certainly is useful.