Watch This Beautifully Stabilised Footage of GoPro Launched From Potato Cannon

When Corridor Digital aren’t out making viral cinematic shorts they’re experimenting over on their sister channel Sam and Niko. It’s thanks to these creative little side projects that we now get to see a GoPro blasted out of a potato cannon at 84 mph!

To protect the GoPro and maximise aerodynamic flow, Sam created a custom 3D printed projectile to ready the device before blasting it out of Niko’s custom PVC pipe cannon.

The team launched the GoPro 440 feet horizontally across the field and 240 feet straight up before the GoPro eventually broke. After a second round of firing tests, the crew headed back to the office to stabilise the GoPro footage.

Last month, Sam and Niko mounted a GoPro onto an arrow in a video that has now amassed over 5 million views. Now, after seeing the crew blast a GoPro from a cannon YouTube commenters are already suggesting they put it inside a baseball bat, a bowling ball, and on a spinning helicopter blade. Could this be the start of a hot new video series for the channel?