8 Creative Camera Hacks Told in 90 Seconds

Photographer Peter McKinnon suggests 8 simple camera hacks that he uses when caught unprepared while shooting outdoors.

Many of the items seen in the video are common everyday accessories that you can find lying around the house such as a belt, knife, and torch. By adding his own creative touch, McKinnon infuses the items with a bespoke purpose in photography.

McKinnon says “These are 8 camera hacks I use frequently when I’m shooting in the field and need to rig something up in a pinch. Most of these items can be carried or found on your person at any given time!”

• Belt Sling – Attach and suspend your camera from a belt to produce stabilised camera steady shots

• Coffee Hood – Add a coffee cup sleeve to your lens for a cheap hood

• Dream Chap – Add chapstick to your lens for an easy blur effect (perhaps apply it to a lens protector instead)

• Cello-lens – Add cellophane over a lens to distort the image

• Shade Blend – Snap through a pair of sunglasses for a natural Instagram filter

• Knife Blade – Introduce reflections by placing a shiny knife beneath the lens

• Torch Flare – Shine the camera between the camera sensor and the lens to introduce a light leak effect

• Smart Flare – You can even use your smartphone to create fancy effects while on the go

Also, don’t forget this bonus tip courtesy of PPCC’s Lara Jade!