GoPro Launches Remo; A Ranged Voice Remote For The HERO5

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, GoPro released their new voice activation tool, Remo. The accessory will allow HERO5 users to control their cameras at range.

The remo seems like a sensible tool to get more hands-free use out of a GoPro. The HERO5, which launched in October, came with a series of voice commands that allowed users to begin snapping pictures and recording video by uttering specific phrases. The Remo is effectively a mic’d remote that extends the range of 13 of those commands further away or allowing better use in noisy environments.

The remo can transmit voice commands to a HERO5 up to 33 feet (10 metres) away in up to 10 languages. If chit chatting is inconvenient, it’s no coincidence that the Remo resembles a big button; pressing it acts as a one push shutter. In a smart move, the Remo is also waterproof, though only to 16 feet (4.8 metres) so deep dives with it aren’t recommended. The GoPro Remo is available now for US$79.99.



Ordinarily, the Remo would be considered a nifty addition to a recently launched flagship camera and may even have come with some ballyhoo. Unfortunately for GoPro, times are not so ordinary and this release comes with little hurrah. The mass recall of GoPro’s entire fleet of sold Karma drones resulted in the company issuing HERO5’s to all those returning the defective unit as an apology. To make matters worse, reports of an incredibly poor sales quarter had arrived right beforehand, prompting panicked stockholders to demand an urgent increase in GoPro’s holiday sales. In a bittersweet twist, many of the people who will purchase the Remo this Christmas may do so to control a HERO5) camera they got for free at GoPro’s expense.