New Fotodiox Adapter Brings Nikon F to Sony E with AF, IS, EXIF, and Aperture Control

Dreams do come true, at least, for all the photographers tethering between Sony and Nikon – or for the ones that already made the jump.

Adapters have long been one of the best aspects of mirrorless cameras, and as they improve they bring us all one step closer to a world where photographers can enjoy the best from all brands, without worrying about which mount they use and own.

Sony E users have long been able to use Canon lenses to their full capacity, and while many F to E adapters exist for those classic old Nikkors, Sony photographers previously didn’t have the ability to use new Nikon G glass to their full potential.


With Fotodiox’s new Fusion Smart AF adapter, photographers will get full aperture control, autofocus, image stabilisation, and EXIF data from AF-I and AF-S lenses. It will allow Sony cameras to communicate with Nikon AF-I and AF-s lenses on Auto, Aperture Priority, and Program AE modes.

The construction looks pretty solid, and Fotodiox is using aluminum with an integrated baeplate. Importantly, infinity focus is guaranteed, and there will be two autofocus speeds.

The adapter is available now for shipping for US$349.95 from Fotodiox.