Monty Python Stars Pay Tribute to Selfies in New Song

Selfies are here to stay but that doesn’t mean you need to like it. Take Monty Python’s Eric Idle for example, he hates the modern day self portrait so much that he decided to pen a song ridiculing those partaking in the tiresome trope.

“It’s about being on the road and what we’ve learned” he says on the Conan O’Brien show before he belts out his ode to selfies. Meanwhile, fellow Monty Python alumni John Cleese pantomimes the many ways a selfieholic imposes upon friends and strangers alike.

The Monty Python crew are known for their classic comedy sketches and satirical songs such as ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’, so selfie enthusiasts can rest assured that the song was played purely for laughs. Chances are they have an even bigger axe to grind with the paparazzi, the most hated photographers in the world, after Cleese’s most recent encounter on the streets of LA anyway. It’s safe to say that that particular tune would probably contain more expletives.