Watch These GoPro Karma Drones Falling From the Sky

After the announcement of the GoPro Karma recall, a number of videos have surfaced on YouTube of Karma drones dropping unexpectedly from the sky. Thanks to the nature of the Karma’s separate camera module, the GoPro camera keeps recording while the Karma loses power, recording the whole incident.

Although some of these are comedy gold (see Nicholas Kulick’s near miss reaction below), they are also deeply troubling. The thought of drones falling unexpectedly to earth is something that no one wants to contemplate. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, the product is not just defective, but also potentially harmful to consumers.

GoPro has issued a full recall of the product, and is still unclear of exactly what the reason for the power failure is. For that reason, the company is only offering refunds right now, and plans to issue replacements once the issue has been resolved. If you have a Karma, we’d urge you to return it as soon as possible, just in case you aren’t as lucky as the folks in these videos.

Cover Image: GoPro/YouTube