Rumours: Canon 6D Mark II Won’t Support 4K, Release Date Pushed Back

If you haven’t noticed, the cacophony of rumours has quieted down to gentle whispers. This is the expected calm between the storms of Photokina and CES. Aggravating as that may be, there are still occasional mutterings worth paying attention to, including one choice bit of information on the future of the Canon 6D Mark II.

Canon Rumors has spoken to several of their contacts, who have confirmed that rather than sometime in Q1 (around early February 2017), we will in fact not be seeing the Mark II announced until way into Q2. The site estimates that it will be unveiled sometime in April 2017, after the NAB show, and will be slated for release in May 2017.

Not much is known about the 6D Mark II for sure at this time. Though we’re very appreciative of the probable inclusion of Dual Pixel AF to speed up focus times, we’re more than a little disappointed in the lack of 4K,and it isn’t the first time. Frankly, after 2016, we expected the inclusion of the format to be standard for any major release, especially on a full frame shooter.

Rumors also indicate that the 6D will include a touch screen, although it’s important to note that everything at this point is just speculation.

Canon 6D Mark II Potential Specs:

  • 24MP/25MP sensor
  • New AF system and Dual Pixel AF
  • NO 4K
  • Dual SD card slots
  • Tilting LCD touch screen
  • Wifi with NFC activation
  • GPS