Custom Built Drone and 5D Mark III Captures The Changing of the Seasons

Polish photographer Miron Bogacki masterfully captures the misty moors surrounding Brodnica city and the Valley of Drwęca river using his custom-built drone and a Canon 5D Mark III.

Bogacki tells DigitalRev that he intended to go big when he started creating multirotor drones because the plan was always for them to carry the weight of a DSLR. “The main purpose of using drones is photography and that’s why I wanted to lift something heavier than GoPro,” he says.

He tells DigitalRev that a multirotor drone can take around five hours to put together. “I build German Mikrokopter UAVs, it is like Lego Technic because it is not very complicated but needs knowledge. You have frame, flight controller with GPS and gyrocompass, power controller, motors, propellers and gimbal for camera which you have to connect together.”

“There is much more satisfaction when you build your flying machine.”

Even the software can be a bit tricky to implement as Bogacki tells us that everything has to check out before taking the expensive rig for a flight. “You have to learn how to calibrate the compass and pressure sensor, but help can be found on the internet and all you need is time and patience.”

The footage was incrementally filmed over the past few years as the drone could only fly 15 minutes with a camera weighing 3kg. Bogacki also notes that the remote location meant he needed to carry the heavy equipment back and forth by foot.

However, this allowed Bogacki to showcase the river’s wider spectrum of beauty by filming over the course of many seasons and day-night cycles. The flora and fauna brought on by the long and winding river is both a precious and stunning sight to behold.


Images used with permission