A Reminder of 10 Photoshop Faux Pas You Should Definitely Avoid Making

Nate Dodson from TutVid provides a rundown of Photoshop errors that even pros encounter when touching up photographs.

Easy to miss faux pas such as selective colour, bad HDR, and over-sharpening are all called out as probable mistakes all Photoshoppers will be tempted to make at the risk of taste. The video shows that each tool has a purpose and points out when you might be using it wrong over overdoing it too much. It serves as both a refreshing visual guide for the Photoshop novice and aficionado alike.

Here are the 10 Photoshop mistakes pointed out by TutVid:

  • • Bevel and Emboss [1:27]
  • • Selective Color [4:39]
  • • Over-Whitening Teeth [6:23]
  • • Exporting any Code for Web Design [8:48]
  • • Too much HDR/Unsharp Mask/High Pass/Clarity [10:14]
  • • Retouching Directly on a Layer [13:22]
  • • Applying Adjustments to a Layer [15:50]
  • • Applying Filters Directly to a Layer [17:25]
  • • Not using TypeKit [19:58]
  • • Bad Selection Edges for a Composite [22:10]