Cheap Camera Challenge Video

Joel Marklund & Marcel Laemmerhirt, Cheap Camera Challenge

For the first time in DigitalRev history, we have 2ProTogs and 2Cheap Cams!

Day 6 in Germany, Kai, Lok, Warren and Ian have been assigned not one but TWO Pro Photographers which means one thing!… two cheap cameras… of course. In a race against time, sunlight to be more specific, Joel and Marcel attempt to do the best with what they’ve got using all the elements around them but also facing the extreme difficulties that the VTECH Kidizoom ActionCam presents!

About “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge ®”

First conceived and developed by the Bloody Producer back in February 2011, Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge® (a.k.a Pro Tog, Cheap Camera Challenge®) has became the most iconic and successful series of DigitalRev TV. Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge® is DigitalRev TV’s iconic show where a professional photographer is challenged to a photo shoot with the cheapest camera we could find.

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