Drone Beams Out 90,000 Lumens of Light to Capture Stunning 4K Night Shots

If you’ve ever wonder how bright a 1,000W LED light bar can shine, drone pilot and filmmaker Daniel Riley can illuminate you.

Ridley created the modified light bar, capable of churning out 90,000 lumens of light, by swapping out eBay LEDs with higher quality Yuji CRI LED chips instead. The end result of his invention is what Ridley himself dubs “the world’s brightest flashlight.”

After hooking the light bar to a Freefly Alta drone, Ridley and his team travelled to an abandoned warehouse to minimise the noise and light pollution, and then filmed some stunning shots in pitch darkness (although we’d imagine the local birds were not to impressed by the light show).

The behind-the scenes video shows them using the drone to experiment with lighting up the foreground of their shots and playing with silhouettes. The drone was so bright that the team was able to literally light up the night sky as if they were controlling their own mini sun. The resultant shots and video are mesmerising.