Amazon’s New Family Vault Provides Unlimited Photo Storage For Up To Five People

Amazon today launched their new Family Vault service which will allow Prime members to share their unlimited space for photo storage with up to five other people.

Amazon Prime customers have had it good for a while and we’re not talking about the free shipping and free streaming. The Prime storage tools allow users access to an unlimited amount of space to keep their files and at zero compression for images. When the service opened up in the UK, we mentioned how that lack of compression and their competitive pricing scheme blew Google out of the water.

Now it looks like Amazon are just trying to spoil their user base. The new Family Vault service will allow a Prime member to invite five other people to access a collective unlimited photo storage space. The mushy idea being that a whole family of photo snappers can have a central space to save their memories. In addition to this, the group will have a 5GB allowance on other file types to add to the vault as well.



“Prime members love the benefit of unlimited photo storage but often struggle to collect and organize photos across multiple devices and accounts into a single, shareable archive,” said David Nenke, Director of Prime Photos, Amazon. “We launched the Family Vault to make it easy for family members to safely store and share all their favorite moments.”

The system will take advantage of Amazon’s new smart search technology, similar to what Google showed off in its recent Pixel presentation. These image recognition tools will allow users to search for particular objects, locations, or people.

In a rather savvy move, an additional bonus for Prime members was bundled together with this announcement, namely a photo printing service. Amazon customers can now order photos to be printed as books, cards, and prints, with free delivery available for Prime members. By creating a space to group together all their customers’ nostalgic moments, moving from there to the printing service is incredibly easy.

The new services are now only available in the U.S. but will be rolled out to other territories at a later point.