New X-Pro 2 Firmware Will Provide 325 AF Points and 91 Phase Detect Points

I’d hate to sound smug, but man, is it a good time to be a Fujifilm shooter or what?

Fujifilm UK made a little blunder and prematurely released the details for their upcoming 2.0 firmware patch for the X-Pro 2 here. The link has since been taken down, but the good guys at Fuji Rumours have copied down the entirety of the updates so that we have something to pant heavily over – now X-Pro 2 users don’t have to look wistfully at the even faster AF of the X-T2 with bittersweet envy.

The free firmware provides a total of 20 improvements, but we’ll take a look at the most important ones first. The X-T2’s new autofocus algorithm is going to be implemented on the X-Pro 2, giving better autofocus and improved tracking in AF-C mode. The camera originally had 273 AF points with 77 phase-detect points, and now it will have 325 AF points with 91 phase-detect points – exactly the same as the X-T2’s. But X-T2 users will still get to keep their superior AF-C custom setting functions, leaving it the better camera for sports and action photography.

Firmware 2.0 will also bring compatibility the new EF-X500 hot-shoe mount flash, enabling wireless multi-flash lighting with TTL control for up to three groups. There’s also high-speed flash sync, so the X-Pro 2 can now work even better as a portrait camera.

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Battery life gets addressed, and the “auto power off” function will now have 15 second, 30 second, and 1 minute options. The “auto power save” function was previously only available in Economy mode, but now it can be turned on in High Performance and Standard mode, allowing users to save battery life.

Then the last of the key points is related to the OVF – the AF point position interlocked with parallax is not going to be shown to make the OVF more accurate, even with the Corrected AF frame function is off.

The cached version is available to check out here from Google, and when the firmware released tomorrow you can download it here.