Sigma Seeks to Cover All Ranges with 85mm f/1.4 ART, 12-24mm ART, and 500mm f/4 Sport

We always forgive Sigma’s odd forays into camera design because, like a wayward relative who is generally great but just gets a little carried away sometimes, Sigma just isn’t perfect.

And that’s okay to be perfectly honest. It gives the team at Sigma that underdog charm that we love about their brand, although let’s not have this idea detract from what we really love about Sigma – those sleek ART lenses.

These are some of the sharpest lenses out there, and they make great options for photographers who don’t want quality glass at reasonable prices.

So even though Sigma broke our hearts just recently with the SD Quattro, it has now won us back in a flash with three new full-frame lenses for its Global Vision Line.

First up is the much anticipated 85mm f/1.4 ART, which is the definition of a portrait lens. It should have excellent sharpness and bokeh, and this new version has a stronger HSM AF that produces 1.3x the torque of the older motor. Theoretically it should be a lot faster to focus, although we’ll find out how accurate it is in late October, when it’s released for US$1199.


Next up is another ART – the 12-24mm f/4. This is a classic range for full-frame ultra-wide angle zooms, and Sigma’s latest iteration will have a stronger AF like the 85mm f/1.4 ART, and it also has the largest aspherial glass mold on the market. This means that the lens should have minimal flare, ghosting, and distortion, although you would certainly hope so for US$1,599.


Lastly, right after the Olympics are over, Sigma unleash the 500 F4 DG OS HSM Sport. It’s a bit of poor timing, but the lens itself is tantalising. It is dust and moisture protected, and crafted from carbon fibre and magnesium alloy. It’s only made for Sigma, Canon, and Nikon at the moment, and both Sigma and Canon will get it first in late October. Nikon users will have to wait patiently until late November, when they’ll shell out US$5,999 to get this monstrosity.


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