Stanford Professor Makes Photography Course Available Online For Free

Good news for anyone starting out in photography or aiming to brush up on their photography know-how – imaging legend Marc Levoy has just what you need. He’s making his entire course on digital photography available online for free.

To those who don’t know, Levoy has been a pioneer in digital graphics for several decades. He has received multiple awards for his service to computer science and served at Stanford University as their Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Levoy’s overwhelming amount of knowledge in the field of visual content production eventually led him to develop a course of digital photography, which he taught between 2009 and 2014.

Levoy left Stanford in 2016 to work with Google, continuing to offer a revised version of his photography course. The lectures were streamed live to Google offices worldwide and recorded for posterity. Levoy has now posted the entirety of that course online for anyone to access. The course material not only includes recorded videos of all 18 lectures, but detailed notes and assignments to undertake.

For anyone with a genuine interest wishing to dive deeper into photography, we can easily recommend this course as a must. Newbs and experts can pick up plenty from this series of lectures that cover everything between the basic fundamentals of photography to the complex science and advanced techniques behind masterworks.

The announcement has attracted such overwhelming attention since it launched that users have crashed the site several times, but it should be available here.