First Image of GoPro Karma Leaked Before Announcement

GoPro may have slipped up and revealed its Karma drone in the lead up to the 19 September announcement.

The company’s best kept secret was exposed when GoPro enthusiast Konrad Iturbe tweeted a website header error on GoPro’s English, French, German, and Spanish homepage. The now-removed header revealed elements of the Karma and a new stabiliser, presumably for the GoPro Hero 5.

The GoPro mounted on the Karma suggests that its size will only be slightly smaller than a DJI Phantom in wingspan, but its legs much closer to the ground.


This would dash the hopes of Karma being a miniature foldable drone; however, its closeness to ground level from takeoff does give credit to people speculating the silky smooth teaser video was filmed using the drone itself.

With only two weeks left to go before GoPro makes its official announcement, the Karma chameleon shows its true colours.