DJI Leak Shows New Foldable Drone Design

With Photokina just around the corner, the rumours are ramping up about new products for most companies. The latest is DJI with new leaked images showing the company could be moving away from their classic white quadcopter design.

The new drone, according to heliguy, will be called the DJI Mavic – with the trademark application for the name being made by DJI in August. While we believe the name is for a new drone, it could also be assigned to software (or someone misspelled a Top Gun reference by accident).

The expected specs for the Mavic drone include a 4K camera with two axis gimbal (which is no surprise from DJI), a 300 metre OFDM digital Wi-Fi link, the remote containing an integrated LCD display running on Android OS all in a body that weighs around 650 grams (1.4 lb) – half the weight of the Phantom 4.


Intriguingly, the leaked image appear to show a foldable design for the drone, a departure from previous DJI designs. It’s expected the foldable arms will, like the newly announced YI Erida drone, collapse into the body to aid in portability and decrease setup time. “The arms which sit near the front of the Mavic during transport will fold back to the rear,” claims Heliguy.”This nifty design means that the propellers are on top of the motors once the arms are extended and ready for flight.”

We’re also heard reports of a 3830mAh 11.1V battery, half the size of the Phantom 4’s 5350mAh 15,2V battery. This appears to indicate that the Mavic will be smaller and lighter than the Phantom, even when unfolded, and may mean that DJI is targeting a lower price point for entry-level drone enthusiasts. The cheapest Phantom currently sold by DJI is the Phantom 3 standard at US$500, while the newer Phantom 4 retails for around US$1200.