Snapseed Adds Face Editing In App Update


Zits will no longer delay the spread of selfies for Snapseed users, as a new update to the mobile app has added tools to edit faces.

Snapseed 2.9’s facial modifying features include a highlighting tool to bring focus to faces, a skin smoothing tool to remove blemishes, and a tool to brighten eyes. The update will also provide full native iOS RAW support for with 144 camera models. This will allow users to perform a range of Snapseed’s edits on RAW files that were not possible before.

In addition, JPG compression rates can now be set and files can be exported in lossless PNG.

The one annoyance we have is that at time of writing the update seems to only have been applied to the iOS version and not Android, which is very bizarre seeing as it’s a Google made app.

Video producer and presenter, Warren, offered to model for us so we could test it out. Testing the highlight tool, it can obviously provide some needed pop to a portrait, though only a little is needed lest you turn your subject into a bleached pale vampire versions of themselves.

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Likewise the smoother was very helpful in small doses, just lessening the degree of any noticeably large pores. If you use it too much it’s Ken Doll city.

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The only edit tool that in our opinion, doesn’t quite work is the eye brightener. Even at low settings it simply feels fake and cartoony. Fully loaded it makes you look like you’re starring in Fright Night.

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Of course we had to combine them all at full to create a monstrous version of Warren that should not be.

Kill. It. With. Fire.

(H/T @feardaooz on Twitter)

So have at these tools Snapseeders and tell us what you make of them on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments below.