Fujifilm Ambassador Releases Free Collection of Lightroom Presets

Fujifilm X-mount users are in a strange situation when using colour correction and Lightroom presets because in a way, all of their images are already modified.

Fuji’s cameras have been lauded for their colour performance and ability to simulate classic emulsions such as Provia, Astia, and Acros to name but a few modes, yet photographers seeking greater creative flexibility still seek to use their own unique colour correction methods.


Samuel Zeller is a Fujifilm ambassador and photographer who has been using X-mount cameras for years. Along the way he’s developed several distinctive colour presets that give an extra dimension to the official film simulation modes.

Better yet, he’s now shared them on his website for everyone to share and use. These will work for any camera, not just Fujifilm ones, but they are meant to enhance existing Fuji colours – not replicate them.

Note that you don’t have to subscribe to download the presets, and Zeller specified on a Reddit thread that the newsletter “is only for [him] to send the catalog and raw files” to fellow photographers.

Head to Zeller’s website here to download the files.