Engagement Photograph Goes Viral After Squirrel Pops into Frame

An unsuspecting squirrel has become a viral sensation after stepping a little too close to the camera for the sake of a tasty nut!

The squirrel hopped into shot during an engagement photo shoot for Kelin Flanagan and Spencer Taubner in Canada’s Banff National Park. The unexpected moment was seized by photographers, Marcin and Dorota Karpowicz of BDFK Photography who told Huffington Post in an interview, “on our way back we saw a nice spot for the photos ― a kind of stony area. When we started shooting, the squirrel showed up.”

The image was captured using a wider f5.6 aperture to cast the kissing couple in a light bokeh. “I also added the sharpness in Lightroom/Photoshop in order to make the squirrel pop more. I used the Kodak Ektachrome film preset in order to tone down the colours.”

Marcin assured friends and family that the squirrel photo is real and not simply Photoshopped into the picture, this isn’t the first time BDFK Photography have had a close encounter with animals either. Last month, two curious cows moseyed up to a couple posing for one of their engagement shoots which was set in a grassy field.

In nuttier news, a few days ago another squirrel managed to pilfer a GoPro and scramble up a tree to provide some epic action cam footage before returning the uncrackable ‘nut’ to its owner!

Title photo: BDFK Photography