GoPro To Start Selling Six Camera VR Rig This Month

GoPro is releasing its six camera beast, the Omni, which will that will allow users to record 360-degree virtual reality footage in one simple package. The casing houses six Hero4 Black cameras and ensures that they record in sync, resulting in pixel perfect footage.

With this rig each camera connects to a central “brain”, meaning you only need one remote to control them all. This will not only help with compositing footage together, but also in editing. Unfortunately you still need to manually pop the six microSD cards in and out of the rig for file transfers but the Importer tool syncs all the footage together to save you a lot of compiling.

The Omni records in 8K resolution so the footage will be impressive – though good luck with editing it 8K footage with anything other than a powerhouse PC. GoPro has included software tailored for virtual reality content, which includes plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro.


You can export in 8K, 4K and 2K resolutions and if you upload the finished product to GoPro’s platform (rather than uploading it to Youtube or Facebook) you will be able to watch it in 360 or using virtual reality headsets through their desktop and mobile apps.

The Omni will be available August 17, although it’s not for the casual shooter with a hefty US$5,000 price tag. Though, for that money you are getting six Hero4 Blacks, and if you already own six of the cameras, the rigging will only cost you US$1,500 (though it lacks some equipment and the software license).

This isn’t the rig for everyone, but budding filmmakers who are keen to create immersive 360-degree footage at a low cost, the Omni is a great option. It’s going to be tough for other companies to compete with this setup for cost and functionality.