Worn Like A Necklace, Povie Is A Baffling Camera Mount

Today in the world of headscratchingly pointless products we observe Povie, the point of view (get it?) filming neck brace mount for your smartphone.

It’s rather surprising that Edelkrone produced this weird trinket, seeing as they have crafted some rather nifty accessories and helpful gear in the past. This isn’t some cash-in-quick company producing plastic Hello Kitty selfie sticks, they’re a legitimate photography equipment merchant. This makes the Povie a baffling exercise in tomfoolery.

Breaking down the Povie’s sales pitch, it’s a ring that wraps round your neck that you can slap your phone to so you are able to record from a first person perspective. Because of this, your hands will be free to interact with the world, capturing footage that will make the viewer feel like they’re actually there! Sort of like a low-rent version of that video technology from Strange Days… ask your dad.

Here is where we shatter the illusion of this product’s usefulness.


One day Patrick Swayze would show up and she’d get it on film damn it! /Youtube

Right off the bat, the Povie is going to allow you to shoot with the wrong camera. Almost every smartphone in existence has the superior camera on the back, with a half-resolution inferior selfie cam on the front. Stupidly, the Povie relies on you recording with that very same lesser camera.

If you’re wondering why you can’t just flip your phone round, well that’s part of the next problem; the attachment mechanism is utterly ridiculous. Instead of using some sort of claw, cage, grip, or vice to hold the phone in place, Povie uses sticky adhesive. This means that pressing it against the front side of your phone is a no-no. Firstly, because it will get gunk on your screen, secondly because it will likely mess with your controls, and because it likely won’t stay attached to the smooth surface.


Look ma! No style! /Youtube

Because yes, your phone will be kep safe by the same futuristic technology integral to post it notes and IKEA no-nails wall hooks. As we know, sticky adhesive does not have the greatest longevity, so prepare for many Povie owners to be heartbroken when their brand new phones unstick and clatter to the pavement. That is if some opportunistic thief doesn’t just outright snatch it off their necks.

Speaking of the neck, let’s talk about the Povie’s placement. It’s sold as a point of view camera but as far as far as I’m personally aware, my eyes are in my head, not my Adam’s apple. We’re not simple trashing that the angle is slightly lower than an actual person’s view but that the camera placement means that users won’t be able to aim the camera at anything of interest without turning their entire body to face it.

The neck is also not the best place to place a wearable mount for comfort. Too tight and you’re choking the user, too loose and your phone’s view is bouncing everywhere. Just think, every time you breathe it will move too.


Grafitti: The perfect crime. Unless you record yourself doing it. /Youtube

Though some would balk at the general concept of this accessory, wondering when someone would ever use it, that’s one element we can actually get behind. Edelkrone’s slick presentation video makes some persuasive arguments for the Povie’s application in a variety of settings. We particularly liked the cooking and tattoo artist perspective examples. Bodycams are becoming a popular part of the visual creative’s arsenal. We are just incredibly bemused by how this item passed the development stages. It’s even a hard sell as a quirky toy for a punt, costing US$49.99. We’re frankly more impressed by the coathanger Pokemon Go mount made by the guys at RocketNews 24.

The Povie does also double as a stand, so there’s that we suppose…


If you want to learn more about Povie, you can click here to visit their website.