Artisto Is A Prisma Style App For Video

Turning your photographs into epic renaissance style paintings took off recently with the phenomenal photo filter app Prisma. Although Prisma has plans to launch its own version for video, Artisto has beaten them to the punch.

I was sceptical at first considering how great Prisma is with photographs, but it now faces real competition with Artisto. Currently only available on iOS, the app allows you to add 14 different art filters to video, such as mosaic, pencil drawing and Art Nouveau.

All you need to do is select which part of a video clip you want to add effects to, select a filter and then save or share the finished product. The app is currently limited to eight seconds of video. This was perfect for timelapse footage but I can see myself wanting to filter longer videos in the future.

While you can’t preview the filter before it overlays on a video – only a name and pictorial representation are shown – it’s simple to revert the changes or try another filter if you don’t like the result.

Below a few different versions using the same piece of footage. Overall, Artisto is impressive due to its simplicity, quality output and the ease of sharing. It’s available for free in the iTunes App Store and you can download it here.

Zen filter

Mosaic filter

Pencil Dream filter

Blue Dream filter

Grey Shadow filter