Inside The Sony EF 24-70mm G Master Lens

Seeing the inside of a lens is not new, often it’s like this animation from Canon, but this video literally pulls apart the EF 24-70 G Master Lens. We do mean literally.

Lenses are complicated beasts, and chances are you’ve never pulled one apart. I mean, why would you? Luckily this video does it all for us. Trace Dominguez talks us through what is inside the G Master masterpiece and how it all fits together.

According to the video the lens contains 93 pieces which are individually removed by removing 44 screws (if we counted correctly). It starts with the ornamental plate with a specialised tool known as a ring wrench that is specifically designed for this lens. Each piece is removed with such care that the video resembles a form of delicate surgery, rather than someone dismantling a lens. The steady hands of the technician ensure the cables remain in one piece, nothing gets broken and the lens can be entirely put back together.

We definitely don’t recommend trying this at home. It could not only void your warranty, but ruin a beautiful lens. To see Kai’s hands on with this lens, watch below.