This Educational Photo Series Reveals How Iconic Film Shots Were Framed

UI designer Raymond Thi showcases the importance of composition in his movie still series visualising the various rules of composition filmmakers have used in TV and cinema.

Thi’s ongoing series comprises of still frames from iconic works overlaid with guidelines from his Composition Cam app which includes quadrant, rule of thirds, compass, and diamond overlays. The composition lines reveal important intersection points and show why shots from movies such as A Clockwork OrangeThe Shining300, and Titanic have endured for so long.

Thi tells DigitalRev that the Twitter account is the reversal, “Since I made an app to capture composition, I wanted to expose it. The placement of the lines appear naturally to me in my mind, I just have to place them on the still in neon pink.”

“Geometry makes me happy. Not just in film, but also in nature. I find that when I’m down, one of the things that can lift me up is walking around a park and looking at all the fractals, such as branches and leaf veins.”

Feedback surrounding the app has been positive with people expressing the desire for an android version and square format function. Thi admits that his passion project has become an addiction and he will continue to find more compositions that resonate with people.


A website is currently in the works to make the images easier to browse. For now you can see more revealing composition frames by visiting Composition Cam on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.

Images used with permission