Photographer Captures Photos Through the Viewfinder of a 35mm SLR Camera

Amateur Photographer Oliver Hihn’s love for the analogue era shines through in these photos of his father’s Elbaflex VX 1000 camera.

Hihn always wanted to try analogue photography but he was aware of the growing cost of film so decided to take pictures through the viewfinder of the 1967 35mm SLR film camera instead. “It is a shame when old cameras are slowly gathering dust. They need to be used. So I took my dad’s old camera and went on a hike,” he explained.

The photographs within photographs were captured using a modern DSLR, the Nikon D5200.

Hihn tells DigitalRev that the images were taken along three rural and forested routes in Germany located near his hometown of Nürtingen.

After experimenting with the SLR, Hihn decided to invest in the format and try analogue photography for the first time. While these images are stunning for their antiquated charm, we’re sure that the film photos will be just as impressive when they’re finally developed.


Images used with permission