A Simple Guide to Making Fun Tiny Planet Videos

Karen Cheng likes to create fun and easy tricks with her camera, and in her latest project she transforms Tiny Planet photography into a living and breathing video world using a Ricoh Theta S.

The Tiny Planet creation process is actually quite simple because the Theta S is able to record 360-degree experiences; a feat that used to require six GoPros and advanced video editing software to create.

Cheng comments in her Medium post that, “Once you have the right equipment, it only takes a few minutes and now there are apps that handle all the editing for you.”

In the video, Cheng can be seen touring the city of San Francisco with her friends and getting her selfie stick-mounted Theta S stolen by Von Wong for a brief moment. In fact, the pro photographer was so jealous that he decided to make his own Tiny Planet video while donning a unicorn onesie!

Cheng recommends using a selfie stick when shooting a Tiny Planet video because if you hold the camera directly, it will distort and make your hands look huge.

To read more about the Tiny Planet making process, check out her comprehensive tutorial guide here.